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Implanon Insertion

Implanon is a small flexible progesterone-containing rod which is inserted under the skin of the inner upper arm. The progesterone hormone is slowly released in order to prevent pregnancy for up to three years.

It works by preventing ovulation and by thickening the cervical mucous preventing the passage of sperm. It is a very effective form of contraception and the return to fertility is rapid, once removed. Usually, it decreases menstrual losses and is subsidised by the PBS making it a very cost effective form of contraception.

Our doctors are skilled at inserting and removing Implanon contraceptive implants. A prescription is required to pick it up from your pharmacy prior to insertion. A small fee is charged for this procedure in addition to the consultation fee, in order to cover the cost of single use only instruments for insertion and removal.

If you think this contraceptive method is right for you please make an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss. Alternatively visit for further information and contraceptive fact sheets.