Our Nurses

Walker Street Doctors Chelsea

Chelsea is our experienced practice nurse and plays an invaluable  role in the care of patients at Walker Street Doctors.

To see more information regarding the services our nurse can offer, please visit Our Nurse

Or to book an appointment, please call our practice directly on Ph: 9955 5566.



The many and varied roles of our nurses include:

  • Coordinating immunisations to ensure the safety of staff and patients.
  • Conducting Blood Pressure checks.
  • Providing a venepuncture service. Douglas Hanly Moir is our preferred pathology provider and they collect samples from our surgery three times daily.
  • Providing childhood immunisations and weight and height checks for children.
  • Care planning and Chronic Disease Management with GPS, including Telehealth.
  • Assisting our GPs to conduct Spirometry and ECG when required.
  • Population Health Checks including promoting screening for our patients and identifying and contacting at-risk patients to ensure ongoing routine care.
  • Staff education and support
  • Screening and Triage.
  • Recalls and reminders for routine health checks.

It is truly a collaborative effort at Walker Street Doctors and our nurses are at the hub of the care that we provide.