Family Medicine

WSD Family HealthAt Walker Street Doctors, we take care of the whole family from cradle to grave.

Our doctors are skilled, kind and committed to ongoing education in order to keep your family in the best health possible and to assist you to navigate your way through the medical system when illness strikes. Our doctors are committed to keeping up to date with current guidelines for screening and illness prevention and are able to guide you through the individual application of current national recommendations.

Aged 0-4

Opportunistic assessment of developmental milestones is undertaken at the time of childhood vaccination at 2,4,6,12 and 18 months and at 4 years.

<>Aged 4

A four year-old healthy child check can be booked in with our practice Nurse and followed up by one of our doctors. At this consultation we have a discussion regarding height and weight, diet, dental health, gross and fine motor development, toileting, psychological and emotional health, hearing, vision and speech. Any other parental concerns are addressed at this visit.

Aged 12

Vaccinations for Human Papilloma Virus, whooping cough and tetanus are introduced into the high school program. Hepatitis B and Chicken Pox catch up vaccinations can also be given at this time.

Women Aged 25-74

Cervical screening takes place from aged 25 -74 years.

Aged 50-69

Mammograms are introduced for breast cancer surveillance for women aged 50-69 inclusive every second year. Breast screen can be contacted for an appointment on 135020.

Aged 50–69

Faecal occult blood testing kits are sent by government in order to detect blood in the stool as a marker for bowel cancer. If the FOBT is positive, a colonoscopy is arranged for further investigation.

Aged 50-69

For men with no family history of prostate cancer it is reasonable to perform an annual or second yearly PSA blood test as a potential marker for prostate cancer. This should realistically start at 40 if a family history is positive.

At any age a healthy diet with 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit along with at least 30 minutes of daily exercise and 7-8 hours sleep at night is recommended for ongoing health and wellbeing.