Appointment Fees

Walker Street Doctors is not a bulk billing practice; a regular consultation is 20 minutes and you will receive the Medicare rebate.

We are often asked to quote the cost of an appointment ahead of time. Sadly, our Medicare rebate system makes it very difficult for us to do this with any accuracy because the rebate is linked not only to time but also to complexity!  

We understand that patients find our healthcare rebate system very frustrating. To help we have provided the following guide line:

6 - 12 minutes   = $75
12 - 19 minutes = $85
20 - 29 minutes = $125
30 - 39 minutes = $148
40 - 45 minutes = $160



  • For a procedure involving any disposable equipment there will be an extra cost.
  • Additionally, there may be extra costs for items such as mental health care plans, procedures and investigations and thus multiple item numbers are billed. Our doctors bill fairly on these occasions with out of pocket expenses of around $45.

Our receptionists will be happy to forward your paid account to Medicare online and the rebate will be deposited into your nominated bank account within 48 hours.

Information on the current private fees charged is displayed at reception.

Medical Reports and consultations concerning established Worker’s Compensation claims will be charged in accordance with the AMA fee list.