Frequently Asked Questions

Walker Street Doctors works on appointment basis which can be made online or by phoning the surgery on 9955 5566. Emergencies are treated with priority.

We have standard 20 minute appointments which is generally sufficient however if you have a number of complex concerns to discuss you should book a longer appointment.

Medical Certificates can be provided by your doctor following a consultation, unfortunately they cannot be backdated.

How are diagnostic tests results handled? Test results are only given to the patient concerned, these results may be given over the phone or you may be recalled by the doctor to discuss results.

Emergency phone calls will be forwarded directly to the Doctor; however it is unsafe to consult on an illness over the phone. In keeping with our philosophy of best practice, telephone consultations will not be carried out and patients are encouraged to make an appointment with the receptionist. If you require nursing advice you may be directed to our practice nurse.

The practitioners adhere to the AMA code of Ethics regarding Privacy and Confidentiality, please be assured that your medical records and consultations are kept in the strictest confidence.

Our doctors will generally provide a new referral without a consultation which does attract a $20 fee. We are very happy to email or fax your referral to the specialist.

Generally our doctors are happy to do so and they can be faxed or emailed to the pharmacy of your choice and the hard copy will be forwarded to them in the post. This service attracts a $20 fee.

Our practice nurse is available to collect blood for our patients from 8am-4.30 pm Monday to Friday. It is advisable to make an appointment particularly for fasting tests.

Work cover patients are treated in the same way as regular patients. These patients must inform their employer before their first consultation and provide a claim number related to their current case. If you do not have a claim number you will be asked to pay for the consultation which will be reimbursed by your employer.

Yes you can have your medical record transferred by printing and completing the Authority to Transfer Medical Record form and forwarding to your previous practitioner.

Walker Street Doctors is not a bulk billing practice; a regular consultation is 20 minutes and you will receive the Medicare rebate.

Yes, our privacy policy is available to view here >