Copy of Women’s Health

At Walker Street Doctors, we are committed to empowering women to optimise their health and wellbeing and to assist women in negotiating their way through the health system.

Our doctors are skilled at discussing fertility, contraception, menstruation, puberty, menopause, pregnancy options, STI’s and relationships. For further information, please visit: 

Breast Screening

Early Detection of breast cancer is the best way of ensuring the correct treatment as early as possible. Screening Mammograms are recommended for women from aged 50-74, every two years, through Breast Screen. Appointments can be made by self-referral on 13 2050.

Women aged 40-49 can also have mammography but screening is less effective in this age group because the density of the breast tissue makes it more difficult to detect a cancer. Regular breast self examination is the best way of knowing what is normal for you. Check regularly for symptoms like lumps, dimples, discharge or discolouration and if you notice any changes, please discuss these with us.

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Cervical Screening.

The cervical screening test replaced the Pap smear in December of 2017 and now the cells from the cervix will be tested for Human Papilloma Virus as the first test. The experience of having a cervical screening test is exactly the same as having a pap test. The screening will take place every 5 years and start at the age of 25. This is safe because cervical cancer is very rare in young women. Women will have their last cervical screening test between 70 and 74. HPV vaccination prevents some types of HPV but not all, and so cervical screening is still necessary. For further information please visit: